Gold DofE Award

Gold DofE Award is the most challenging but awe-inspiring expedition experience. Undertaken in remote wild country and with minimal adult intervention, young people will fully experience the outdoors and utilise all their expedition and teamwork skills. With our experienced staff we will ensure your participants have a DofE gold expedition to remember!

DofE Gold Award - Bright Expeditions

DofE Gold Expedition

Young people may directly access the Gold award without having completed their Silver award if they meet the Gold DofE requirements.

Our DofE Gold expedition packages are usually run with the traditional 4 day, 3 night format. However, if your team are Silver holders or have existing expedition skills we can run a 2 day, 2 night practice for you following a discussion about your team’s abilities and requirements.

Expedition Itinerary – DofE Gold Expedition

1 day in School or offsite training

Alongside the Duke of Edinburgh Award requirements and DofE Training Framework, training will cover topics including;

  • Stoves and Menus
  • Tents and Rucksacks and choosing appropriate kit for wild country
  • Basic expedition first aid
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Route Planning and Aims

These topics will vary according to the existing skills and knowledge of the team.

Gold DofE Practice Expedition

Typically 3 days, 2 nights or 2 days, 2 nights for experienced teams or Silver holders

  • Distribution of group kit
  • Instructor briefing
  • Navigation and compass work for wild country
  • Sourcing and water purification
  • Country code and wild country skills
  • Expedition Skills for wild country
  • Teamwork and safety
  • Campcraft including tents and cookers
  • Emergency scenarios

Gold DofE Qualifying Expedition 4 days, 3 nights

  • Pre expedition briefing and assessor chat
  • Distribution of group kit
  • Unaccompanied journeying and activity
  • Assessment by an accredited DofE assessor
  • Group expedition debrief and presentation of aim


8 hours activity must be completed each day.

Gold expeditions in Wild Country will include an additional travel/acclimatisation day as per the Gold DofE requirements.

To see what’s included in our packages head over to our Expedition packages for schools and groups page

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