DofE Approved Activities Provider (AAP) 

Bright Expeditions is regularly inspected by DofE and are licenced to provide the Expedition section at all levels by foot, canoe and for those with additional needs. Therefore, you have peace of mind that your participants programme officially meets the DofE requirements. 

“The expedition that I observed was very well run. The young people were enthusiastic and well-organised, especially impressive as this was a practice expedition. Staff were knowledgeable and showed a good attitude towards the young people”. 

AAP Officer for DofE, September 2018. 

DofE Expeditions

We work with schools all over London, the south east and further afield providing Bronze, Silver and Gold DofE Expeditions and training.

With the benefit of a Director who has worked as both a DofE Manager and Operations Officer and staff who have worked on numerous expeditions both in the UK and overseas, we are well placed to plan and deliver your expedition programme.

Working with you, we can offer;

  • Fully staffed DofE programmes including instructors and assessors and a lead supervisor to oversee logistics and provide support.
  • A traditional or more ‘modern’ expedition programme that will meet the DofE Expedition section’s 20 conditions.
  • A school information pack for teachers, students and parents
  • Support with administration, paperwork and planning including expedition information, kit lists and consent forms.
  • A ‘meet the parent’s evening and Q&A.
  • Assistance with student promotion e.g. assemblies.
  • Up to date and fully checked equipment including rucsacks, tents, cookers, gas, navigation kit, trackers and emergency phones.
  • Tailored expeditions for young people with different needs including physical and learning disabilities.
  • Group feedback at the end of practice expeditions
  • Submission of Green forms and uploading of eDofE assessor reports for each student.
  • Locations that are accessible for your students and appropriate to their DofE level using public transport wherever possible.

We aim to make your programmes as stress free as possible and we will be there throughout to ensure both teachers, students and staff enjoy their experience.

We offer expeditions that vary in group size from small to large at all levels of DofE and we are always happy to discuss support for those students for whom cost may be a barrier.


We realise that cost is always an important question and we are more than happy to discuss your needs and plan a programme based around your budget.

Therefore, rather than have a ‘one size fits all’ approach to cost we will work with you to devise a programme based around your budget.

We are not the cheapest but we are also not the most expensive. Our costs reflect both the experience, input, and expertise that we provide whilst ensuring that we remain competitive in the increasingly expanding provider market. Ultimately we aim to provide you with a great experience balanced with value for money.

Please get in touch to request a free, personalised and no obligation quote.


We love the beauty of the UK’s open and wild areas and we always aim to run expeditions in the locations most appropriate to the DofE level.

Based in the UK’S newest National Park, the South Downs, we have a range of different locations suitable for each level across the UK from the South and North Downs to Wales, the Peaks and the Lakes.

We realise that transport can sometimes be an issue for young people and we are always able to work with you to discuss expedition locations that are accessible but which will also provide the right amount of challenge and awe!

Perhaps you have an area in mind or would like some new ideas, either way give us a call to discuss.


With a Director whose first outdoor job included looking after a local authority kit stores we know that the quality and upkeep of equipment can make or break an outdoor experience.

We look after our kit and it is checked, cleaned, and dried after every expedition or outing. If you choose to come out on expedition with us you will see us diligently checking and repacking kit at the end of an expedition!

We don’t think it is right that you should have a tent with broken parts or a dirty Trangia, so we work hard to make sure your kit is fit for purpose, clean and useable at the start.

We can offer you the following group expedition equipment;

  • Tents,
  • Rucsacks (small and large for different back sizes)
  • Trangia’s and gas
  • Compasses, maps and map cases
  • Trackers and emergency phones.

Plus, equipment for supporting school staff to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

If you would like to use your own equipment then we will work with you on this too.

We know from experience that students can inadvertently forget kit, so we always carry spares from the larger items such as sleeping bags, karrimats and waterproofs down to the small things like a plate or a fork!

In addition, we will cover equipment during a training day and provide your participants with an infographic kit list, advice on footwear and expedition food!

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